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  • brbg

    We have reverted to barbarism again. There is no respect for human life in the least.

  • gizmologist

    The mother could have easily given her baby a chance at life. I will NEVER understand how anyone could kill a baby. NEVER.

  • TeresaSTL

    What a bad place the mother must be in to do this. How sad :(

  • KetchupMaster

    I was left by my Russian mother in a hospital in Kazakhstan with a note saying that she was financially unable to take care of me. Now I live in America, with a bright future ahead of me. If you have a child that you can't take care of, please give them up for adoption like I was.

  • Tom Adams

    Maybe the mother was just passing through the area and didn't know about drop off locations.

  • Lisa

    My heart breaks, Not only for this child but the mother as well. I am willing to bet her story is not the one everyone is thinking it is.

  • Marjori

    Who could carry out such a heartless act. So many would have loved that child had she been given a chance. :(

  • Sundown

    "Every person who walks the planet is born in God's image"
    Wow. This guy's god is clearly a dck. He must have a lot of rape, abuse and murder inside him because that's what a great number of people do and he allows it. Oh, yeah, it's all told in the buybull.

  • wilkinak

    Thousands of babies are legally killed each year in this country. Why are they upset over this one?

  • The_Splurge

    I'll never understand how somebody thinks of this let alone acts on it.

  • Bob

    Somewhere there is a woman, and quite possibly a man, with a foul stain on their soul, a stain they can never remove. There is nobody who can remove the stain of Guilt from his own soul, let alone restore their own lost innocence. It is beyond heir reach, and will ride on their backs forever.

  • StormWizard

    Poor baby. I'm glad so many people attended the service and cared enough to put her to rest. I am also hoping the mother isn't in any danger or mentally and physically ill and alone. Not knowing the whole story its easy to say she is a horrible person but its only fair to at least think of other possibilities.

  • Lovejoy

    Grim as this sounds, another possibility is that someone in a position that cannot let their superiors know they had a still born, or that they had a baby at all, may have done this...has anyone checked Saint Edwards convent? It's only a few minutes away from I-15.

  • Debbie

    Rest in peace little one. To the mother and I use the term loosely may the weight of what you have done crush you. Wow very sad.

  • Canne

    Rest in Peace little one

  • Verity Pendelton

    I wonder if they tried the DNA registries?

  • cvryder2000

    Hopefully they took a DNA sample and will find out eventually who this poor mite is. God rest her wee soul.