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  • BYoung

    Hillary Clinton said that civility can't be restored until the Democrats regain power.
    At least she no longer tries to hide how monstrous she is.

  • HomerIsBlind

    "If civility isn't restored"?

    When the hell have we ever been civil outside of 1950's sitcoms?

  • Red Hawk

    Are the threat coming from the left or is this a Reichstag fire?

  • Robert Popov

    Another example of a death threat, they've been routine....we are told there a nut jobs that issue death threats but no nut job has ever lied. Death threats yes. Lies, impossible, just nothing to gain from it.....puh lease

  • Solanum

    Oh, Collins was subject to threats? Well, gosh, can't be too bad if she can continue to live in her home, huh? Unlike Dr Ford.

  • caringwhiteguy

    Don't like being called the word "mob"? Don't act like one.

  • Jim Key

    Find the Felon and lock them up throw the key away. THERE MUST BE CONSEQUENCES!

  • Juggles

    Oh for the love of gravy...... What are we devolving into? Is poisoning either of them going to change the fact that Kavanaugh is a sitting SC Justice? NO! Deal it it or find a legal way to remove him if you think you have cause but to threaten/attempt to kill someone over it? W T F???