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  • CaptnBlynd

    "Film star Tom Hanks, who is playing Rogers in the movie, was at the site and later left."
    As long as we know Tom Hanks isn't still there. I'm always relieved when the media present the important bits.

  • lokay5

    "Film star Tom Hanks, who is playing Rogers in the movie, was at the site and later left."
    He left?
    I figured he'd camp out there over night...

  • Bob Marshall

    I'll only see it if Pussycat rises up to overthrow the fascist tyrant King Friday.

  • (((Rocket Cat)))

    I have a lot of respect for tom hanks, but, he just doesn't seem like the right choice to play mister rogers. It almost seems like joke casting.

  • John S. Henchey

    Having a medical emergency and dying on the job, or anywhere else, happens everyday.

    The fact that he was on a balcony when he passed out makes for an exciting headline but it has nothing to do with anything.

    Would "Man dies while raking leaves in his backyard" make it onto ABC News?

  • JDC1

    No sniper jokes yet? I’m disappointed.

  • guest216

    Sad, But I thought this movie was already done filming. I know someone who saw it already.

  • logical

    Smoking kills

  • AG99

    How sad. Mr Rogers would be hurt this happened on a movie about him.

  • Redd Menace

    Must be more of an action flick than the title would otherwise suggest.

  • Thomas

    This might be a movie I would actually like to see

  • DuelingDogmas

    Guess it wasn't a wonderful day in everyone's neighborhood.

  • TechnicalFallVictory

    I'll admit - before reading the story I thought Trolley was going to be to blame. I always thought Trolley just rode too fast, with too much reckless abandon. One day it's going to get someone hurt.

  • ReviewTheFacts

    Condolences to his family, his co-workers, and his friends.

  • madison55

    Very sad.

  • TexasVulcan

    How sad. I look forward to anything with Tom Hanks.