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  • Forward forward

    The tiny baby steps the Catholic Church has taken regarding pedophile priests have strictly been for show. They are still more intent on covering it up than on fixing the problem.

  • Forward forward

    Until the Catholic Church makes it a policy to remove every pedophile priest and report him to the police, the Church will continue to lose credibility and membership. This has been in the public eye for thirty years, and has been going on for decades, probably centuries before that. The Church still keeps allowing children to be raped, and sends the rapists off to a new parish when they get caught, and they start it all over again. What kind of 'religion' invoking the name of Christ allows that??

  • TexWho

    Pedophiles are going to have to start creating their own religions ...
    oops they have already done that.

  • Rob

    This is a remarkable article. The cardinal resigned because of "the mounting outrage among rank-and-file Catholics over the abuse scandal"? The scandal is at least three decades old. I guess better late than never. The scandal has implicated "top churchmen in the U.S., Belgium, Honduras, Chile and Australia". Interesting that four of these five countries have strong rule of law. What's been going on in countries that don't? Pope Francis says that "Wuerl had put the interests and unity of his flock ahead of his own ambitions." What ambitions does this 78-year-old man have? The '"father of lies" was trying to hurt shepherds and divide their flock'. Does the Pope know that a lot of his "flock" voted for the "father of lies"? The cardinal prevented a single child-abusing priest from returning to the priesthood and '"No bishop or cardinal in the nation has had a more consistent and courageous record than Donald Wuerl in addressing priestly sexual abuse," contended Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League.' No bishop or cardinal has a better record than stopping a single child-abusing priest? That's not too reassuring.

  • OliverWendellSr

    Knowing personally some of the abuse targets, I am thankful that THEY weren't required to
    have proof and evidence to be believed.
    Go AG Shapiro: he is asking senators in Pennsylvania to pass a law that does away with the current statute of limitations for reporting sexual abuse within the church.

  • Smedley D Butler

    I'm glad to see the Pope moving on this. I'm not Catholic myself, but I hate to see an organization with so many good works to it's credit have it's reputation drug through the sewer by the actions and inactions of Priests and other ecclesiastical authorities in the organization. Past time for the Church to throw the offenders out and refuse to cover up for or extend aid to them, if it wants to maintain any semblance of having any moral authority.

  • logical

    too much forgiveness, not enough punishment

  • Richard Nast

    1000's more should resign if they had and decency but they don't

  • UniqueCD

    ACCEPTED???????????Why wasn't he defrocked, fired, sent away, gonzooo??????
    Why was he allowed to resign?? hilarious!

  • Chuck

    It's not enough. He needs to be in Jail just like Kubik in Pittsburgh. They both knew of the molestations, hid them, and reassigned priests who were predators to other churches. They were in a position where they are to be advocates and mandated to report child abuse and they did nothing. Those coming to his defense are just ridiculous. That he did so much for the church, and to prevent this is all negated by the fact that he allowed this to continue. He did nothing but cover up the systematic raping of children in the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is now spending millions in lobbying Pennsylvania politician to not allow a statute of limitations law to be overturned. This alone is sickening and shows that the Catholic Church is all talk. The need to be disbanded and their billions given to their victims. This was just in Pennsylvania, over 1000 children. Worldwide it is hundreds of thousands if not millions. Those still supporting and giving to this rape organization need to rethink their moral compasses as to what they are really contributing too. PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • spacerome

    “… Donald Wuerl … having made some "mistakes" in handling sex abuse cases, but not having covered them up. … " Francis wrote. "However, your nobility has led you not to choose this way of defense. Of this I am proud and thank you."



    You think that nobility can be defined as “not to choose this way of defense”?

    Where is your nobility, then? Show your nobility to the congregation by resigning like Donald Wuerl.

    Or have you not made any "mistakes" in handling sex abuse cases?

  • Mick

    Religion is the biggest scam ever perpertratred by men since the beginning of time, literally! It's all designed to enrich men, so they can to lord over children and women. Children have been victimized for centuries by this disgusting group of pedofiles. The Catholic chruch has done more harm than good. Their entire empire needs to be dismantled and the money given to people in need. If there was a God, it is worst serial killing property manager in the universe.

  • Turned around

    Flock? That's funny